My Story

How did Greek Fanatics come about?  This is a journey that has been postponed & shelved many times over. This boutique incorporates all of my passions & joys.  I believe it shatters the cliche of the hardcore female sports fan.  Yes, I own it...I am a die hard Atlanta Falcons Fan.  I ❤️ my Atlanta sports teams unconditionally especially since being a native Georgia Peach 🍑 is such a rare occurrence.

However, we are all greater than one component of our persona.  I cherish my sorority and the life-long relationships I have formed. I treasure the ability to travel the world and learn from different cultures. I adore dressing up for those special occasions in my life. But even still, I love just simply being a wife, mom and daughter.

My goal for Greek Fanatics is to offer unique gifts for the sports fan, soror, glam chic and/or Diva that resides in you. Please join me on this journey.

                                                                                                             ~ Patrice